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Parque Rural de Anaga

In the year 2015 this beautiful forest was declared a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. This protected natural area offers the biggest variety of insects in Europe. Why don’t you visit this place and experience with your own eyes this magical and mysterious aspects? Start your day in an ancient forest that includes both horizontal rain and secluded beaches where you can swim and dry in the midday sun.


When we say magic, we mean it

During our trip we will encounter old traditions and customs of the past. It is impossible to make this trip without enjoying the local cuisine. Potatoes (or patatas as we call them here), sweet potatoes, fruits, goat meat, cheese, wine – all these products you can try in a local “Guachinche” that makes this trip an authentic one.


Sustainable tourism

This area has an estimated age of seven to nine million years. Its unique climate yields special kind of laurel trees that belong to most important kind in the world. Of course it is our duty to protect this reserve in a way that will allow it to exist another million years and provide for the next generations of local population, be it man or animal.


Rural areas

The people that do live in harmony with its nature value their traditions and customs. Examples are the “Salto del Pastor” (the shepherd’s jump), the traditional winemaking, the goatherds, the potato gardens and the legends of the Guanche Menceyato, the still used cave buildings and the Canarian architecture of the 16th and 17th century.

Always incluided


Our registrations and certifications at the according offices are always up to date. Just like our insurances.

New car

Peugeot Traveller Allure, first registered in May 2019. For your safety we always provide an experienced driver.


Pick up and return to your accommodation, anywhere on the island.

Guided hikes and walks

All our tours include walking or hiking, that can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Licensed tourist guide

Each of our tours is completed by a licensed tour guide that shows and explains the culture and traditions of Tenerife.

Food and drinks

During the drive we offer cold refreshments and seasonal fruit. On top of that a typical Canarian lunch is included in the price.

„We had such a beautiful day in Anaga Park. Especially the laurel forest had a grace, I had never seen before.”
Bettina Koschlein
„At first I was sad about the misty weather, but in the end, I realized that it added quite a lot to the mystical touch of the forest.”
Tessa Millerson

duration about six hours

from 87,50€ per person


Discover with us the Parque Rural de Anaga